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4 ways to make your concrete floors go from drab to fab


Your concrete floors don’t have to be as basic as they seem.

You love concrete; it’s sturdy, reliable, easy to clean, but you don’t always love the way it looks- cue that dreary gray color.

If you’re looking to give a little life and pizzazz to your concrete floors, try any number of

concrete floor covering products and you won’t believe how easily your floors transform.

1.    Try a stain


We love stains because they are easy to do and work really well with concrete. When it comes to concrete, you have a few options with stains:


·    Staining– This is your typical staining process.

·    Acid-staining- This is a special process in which the surface of the concrete is changed in an unpredictable way, specifically due to chemical changes. Hydrochloride or phosphoric acid will change the color of the concrete when it mixes with certain salts.

concrete floor covering products

·    Acid-staining with grout lines- Same as the process described above, but once the acid stain is complete, you can etch faux grout lines into the floors for an even more sophisticated look.


2.    Apply an epoxy coating


Epoxy is an organic polymer that increases your floors’ durability and strength. The resin makes the floors shinier and slip-resistant as well.


3.    Use an area rug


If you’re looking for a less permanent way to upgrade your concrete floors, simply add a rug. Large area rugs can completely transform the style of any room. Rugs also give the concrete a more comfortable feel, making them easier to walk, sit, and stand on. Try a shoe rug for a rustic-chic look.


4.    Just polish it


You can also just give your concrete floors a good polish, and you’d be surprised by how much better they will appear.

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